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Liini Loop.

Our methodology combines UX research, ideation, conceptualisation, design, agile software development, and growth marketing—into one holistic, collaborative approach. We call this the Liini Loop.


Experience the leaner method to improve your customer experience

Liini Loop is an innovative method we developed to improve and optimise the customer experience throughout the customer journey.

This approach combines Lean UX, Design Thinking and DevOps processes with human-centred design. Our goal is to deepen your brand's engagement with customers and create lasting relationships with your audience.

Our approach ensures the development of a realistic (business design), attractive (service design) and feasible (agile development) digital service.


Our Liini Loop methodology consists of four strategic steps.


Identification and analysis of needs


Liini Loop starts with a careful study of customers and their needs, using different UX methods. The research phase is not just about collecting data, it's a journey into the hearts and minds of your target audience. 

We use surveys, interviews and behavioural analysis, among other things, to gain in-depth insights into customers' motivations, pain points and desires.

This phase lays a strong foundation for the next phase of design work, as we set out to build a world-class customer experience.


Experience design and prototyping

As we move into the second phase of the Liini Loop, our creative team will turn your idea into a tangible reality. We'll develop an online protocol that gives you a first-hand view of how your customers experience the service.

At the same time, we apply human-centred design principles to create a customer journey and ensure we deeply understand your customers' interactions and emotions during their experience. 

This stage allows for a visual experience that can be clicked on and a good foundation for the technical implementation of the next stage.


Turning the vision into a reality

Once the prototype is complete and we have a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey, we move on to the third phase of the Liini Loop. This is where the magic happens - our experienced developers turn the prototype into a fully functional service = customer experience.

Our development team uses the information from the prototype and the customer journey mapping to carefully build the actual platform. It's not just about coding, it's about creating an immersive and intuitive experience that perfectly matches your brand identity and customer expectations.

In the Liini Loop, we apply agile development methodologies that allow us to adapt and adapt according to your business needs. Quality assurance measures ensure that every click on the platform meets the highest standards before it is presented to customers.


Continuous growth and insight creation

Our mission is to design and develop effective digital growth platforms that significantly improve our customers' profitability and competitiveness in the market.

We help companies transform inefficient digital channels into profitable growth platforms.

We pioneer innovative and empathetic solutions that redefine industry standards while minimising environmental impact and promoting a culture of responsible consumption.

The result is...

Improved customer experience

Your customers enjoy working with you and are happy to return to your services and products.


A well-designed and executed service experience increases revenue and drives business growth.

Modern organisation

Your company's service offering, competitiveness and employee engagement levels will increase dramatically.

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