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The agency to lean on.

We are a customer experience agency specialising in creating unique digital experiences. We design people-to-people services for all stages of the customer journey.


Liini Agency — customer experiences that evolve your business.

Our mission is to eliminate bad customer experiences and replace them with meaningful and value-creating services and encounters. Our goal is to create experiences that strengthen your brand and build lasting relationships with your customers.
In line with our vision, we design and deliver memorable user experiences at every point in the customer journey.
We focus on creating more human and ecological solutions - designing and building digital experiences with human-centred design.
We strive to design customer experiences that evoke emotion and drive action. Careful attention to detail, combined with a holistic approach, ensures a seamless outcome.

What we do.

We design and shape cutting-edge customer experiences for our clients.
We design and implement digital services, such as applications and websites, and integrate them seamlessly with other systems.

We help you acquire more dream customers through growth marketing and data analytics.

The way we work.

Aiming for cutting-edge design

We are designers at heart, turning ideas, challenges and opportunities into tangible digital solutions.

Passion for lean and analytics

Through our lean philosophy and the use of data, we aim to eliminate waste from processes and make our customers' operations more efficient.

A business-driven approach

We want to deliver business value to our customers and build world-class customer experiences.

Our mission and vision.

Our mission is to design and develop effective digital services that significantly improve our customers' profitability and competitiveness in the market.

We help companies transform inefficient digital channels into profitable growth platforms.

Liini Agency's vision is to become the leading customer experience design and design agency in the Nordics by 2027, combining cutting-edge design with outstanding technical execution.

We aim to be a pioneer in the industry by providing innovative and empathetic solutions. These solutions not only set new standards in the industry, but also reduce environmental impact and promote responsible consumption.

Our approach to sustainable business.

Responsibility has been an important part of our business since the company was founded. We want to take our corporate responsibility (ESG) in environmental, social and governance terms.

Environmental responsibility covers our obligations to protect and preserve the environment. We want to prevent climate change and operate in a carbon neutral way. On the line, we look at issues such as energy use in our office, energy solutions for our digital services, recycle all our equipment and actively support nature conservation organisations.

Social responsibility covers our obligations towards society and our employees. At Line, we put people first, promoting equality, a diverse corporate culture and a safe environment. We choose to partner with companies that share our ethical values.

We take our financial responsibility by, among other things, forecasting and budgeting our own business activities in the long term, anticipating market fluctuations. Data security and data protection is also a key part of Lin's financial responsibility, and we take care of data processing and comply with data protection and data security legislation.

Our guiding principles.


We manage our own work responsibly, efficiently and always putting our clients' business needs first.

Always improving.

We are excited about learning new things and testing new methods. We share best practices for the benefit of our customers.

Creating value.

Our focus is always on delivering tangible value to our customers, rather than pixel-fixing.

Our lean team.

You can easily contact us by sending a message to:

Ilari Vallisaari
CEO & Head of Growth
Sampo Hellevig
CTO & Co-Founder
Kauri Salonen
Head of Design
Antti Sizko
Growth Hacker
Roman Pappinen
Full-stack Developer
Anisha Raj
Web Developer
Marcell Kismartoni
Brand designer
Sebastian Heikkilä
UX/UI Designer
Tanja Vallisaari
Marketing & Communications
Tuomas Luoma
Event productions