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Spring Break 2023 - Getaway to the Riviera

sitelys team at the beach

On Monday 8.5, after a hard day's work, our team headed to Helsinki-Vantaa airport for our flight to Nice. From the airport we hopped into the cars that took us to the sunny city of Antibes! 

We arrived at around 10pm local time, so on arrival at the accommodation we all headed for the beds to be refreshed for the first day of the workshop


Day 1 - good morning Antibes!☀️

🏖️ First thing in the morning, we headed to the beach for a short meditation session. We calmed down and cleared our minds for the planning processes ahead. From the beach, we headed back to our accommodation for breakfast together.

Our day consisted of various exercises and getting to know each other. We each gave a short elevator speech about ourselves, followed by short sales videos 📹

Due to the rain, the barbecue we had planned was moved indoors, but luckily we didn't mind!


Day 2 - let your imagination flow💭

On the second day, we went straight to work first thing in the morning. We continued with various workshop exercises, focusing on different images and goals. The day included a lot of creative planning and dreaming about the future.

In the afternoon we had the chance to visit the Chateau de Bellet winery. Our visit included a tour of the winery and ended with a wine tasting in a real wine cellar🍷


Day 3 - sales day!💰

The theme of the day was sales, and we practiced different sales conversations that we might encounter in our everyday working day. We reflected on the types of salespeople in the business world, and realised that, whatever our job title, we all do sales. We sell our skills and expertise, whether we are website developers or marketers.

We kept the afternoon open with a programme, and everyone was free to spend time as they wished. In the evening we headed downtown for our last evening, and enjoyed a delicious menu dinner provided by the restaurant 😋

After dinner we arrived back at our cabin, where we enjoyed the warmth of the hot tub with good music and company 👙🎶


Day 4 - back to home✈️

It was time to say goodbye to accommodation and put our plans in a jar. We packed up the cars and headed back to Nice, where we spent our last day. In the afternoon, the airport called, and we returned home to Finland on Friday and Saturday night. It was a long journey home, and some of the fatigue weighed more than others (note the photo). But there were still plenty of smiles!😅


Thank you to everyone involved, you made our trip a memorable one! 😎

More videos from our trip on Instagram👉



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