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Boost your marketing strategy with Hubspot's AI tools

HubSpot's wide range of marketing and sales tools grew even more when HubSpot introduced its new AI tools: Content Assistant and ChatSpot.

These AI tools analyze your customers' interests and preferences, allowing you to provide personalized and targeted content in your marketing.

The tools also help you save time because HubSpot's artificial intelligence offers top-tier help for content production. The AI can be used to develop content ideas or even entire blog posts automatically and virtually immediately.

HubSpot's new artificial intelligence tools make planning and implementing your marketing efforts easier - AI can effectively streamline your brand's marketing strategy.

Although HubSpot's artificial intelligence tools are still in the testing phase, it's worth familiarizing yourself with them. Artificial intelligence will change marketing and sales in the near future, so it pays to learn them now to keep ahead of the competition.

🔎 Read in this blog how Content Assistant and ChatSpot can already enhance your marketing strategy and what they can do in the future.


🆙 HubSpot artificial intelligence - Take your marketing strategy to the next level

In March 2023, HubSpot released two new tools powered by artificial intelligence: Content Assistant and These tools are designed to help marketers with content creation and planning. In addition, they streamline communication with customers.

Artificial intelligence helps formulate a marketing strategy, for example, by analyzing user data, offering individual content and recommendations, creating new content ideas, optimizing marketing campaigns based on data, and automating repetitive tasks.

AI automation frees time for profitable and productive tasks, such as sales, producing high-quality content, and customer engagement.

HubSpot artificial intelligence brings you the following benefits:

Next, let's take a closer look at the tools.


✍️ Content Assistant 

This content creation tool is designed to create high-quality content quickly and efficiently. Machine learning algorithms analyze data and produce tailored content for your target audience, thus ensuring its relevance and appeal.

🤯 It is possible to revolutionize your entire marketing strategy with the help of this tool!

The possibilities for using Content Assistant are almost limitless. It can draft and write blogs, landing pages, e-mails, or even entire sales pages. The content assistant also knows how to write a perfectly fitting and catchy title for your content.

💯 Content Assistant's top benefits:

  1. High-quality content: HubSpot AI quickly creates data-based, engaging content tailored to your target audience, for example, on landing pages, blogs, and e-mails.

  2. Efficient content creation: Content Assistant reduces the time and effort required to create high-quality articles and digital assets by providing suggestions and drafts of your content.

  3. Enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO): HubSpot's Artificial Intelligence helps identify keywords and optimize your content for search engine visibility.

  4. Consistent brand voice: Content Assistant learns to write in your brand's voice and style, ensuring consistency between your content and brand.

  5. Customized content recommendations: HubSpot AI uses algorithms to analyze the behavior and preferences of your customers and suggests customized content ideas and strategies based on them.

Content Assistant is still in private beta testing at the time of writing, but HubSpot users can join the waiting list to try it out shortly.

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ChatSpot is a conversation-based CRM bot that aims to help sales, marketing, and customer service professionals increase their productivity.

ChatSpot helps users perform various tasks effortlessly and conversationally. It makes working in HubSpot more efficient by providing a quick way to complete tasks using chat-based commands.

It enables, for example, adding contact information and companies to HubSpot CRM, creating customized reports for marketing, sales, and customer service, and sending effective sales e-mails.

With ChatSpot, you can manage tasks, leads, and reporting on a conversation basis, streamlining operations in the HubSpot portal. In addition, ChatSpot offers predictive commands and search functions to help professionals make decisions and find the information they need.

For example, ChatSpot can summarize monthly visitors for the last two quarters or even find and write a list of companies in a specific industry in a defined geographic area.

💯 ChatSpot's top benefits:

  1. Better customer support: ChatSpot helps provide quick and precise help, which improves the user experience and increases customer satisfaction.

  2. User engagement: With personalized and tailored messages, ChatSpot increases customer engagement, resulting in better conversions and increased profit.

 3. Cost efficiency: By automating tasks, valuable resources can be saved without compromising quality.

4. Easy integration: ChatSpot can be integrated with various CRM, sales, and marketing tools, simplifying and streamlining tasks and communication.

ChatSpot is in the public alpha test phase. You can apply for access on HubSpot's website.


🔮 The future of HubSpot´s Artificial Intelligence

Andy Pitre, Product Director at HubSpot, says that artificial intelligence is changing the way people interact with software. The purpose of AI tools now and in the future is to make HubSpot even easier to use, Pitre continues.

HubSpot's artificial intelligence creates numerous opportunities for any company. Artificial intelligence's ability to process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently helps automate marketing, sales, and service tasks.

HubSpot's goal is to help business growth, and artificial intelligence can help achieve that goal in many ways.

🔝 1. More effective sales and marketing strategy

In the future, AI can automate sales and marketing for HubSpot customers who don't have the sales talent, experience, or budget to acquire new customers.

Artificial intelligence could, for example, prioritize leads based on data. Then marketing and sales chatbots could have automatic conversations with leads (with an already convincingly natural language). 

Artificial intelligence learns the preferences of leads and can instantly provide personalized recommendations. In addition, AI knows and can communicate with the customer at convenient times and offer customized information about relevant topics and products.

📩 2. Content creation at scale

Creating and optimizing content is difficult and time-consuming. Time or costs are often a limitation when making high-quality content at scale.

HubSpot's AI can help. It already enables, for example, the optimization of titles, keyword research, and search engine optimization. In the future, HubSpot AI can research any topic to speed up content creation and write the content from start to finish.

Artificial intelligence can create content plans based on goals or customer segmentation and write fully or partially ready-made blog posts, e-books, press releases, e-mail messages, and website content based on the data.

📈 3. Revenue growth

HubSpot's marketing, sales, and service packages contain a wealth of information about website traffic, leads, sales, and customer experience.

In the future, artificial intelligence can use this information to identify opportunities for revenue growth. For example, HubSpot's artificial intelligence can identify sales opportunities based on customers' buying habits. It can also create a marketing strategy based on the historical behavior of your best leads, sales, and most satisfied customers.

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HubSpot has expanded its range of marketing and sales tools with new artificial intelligence tools: Content Assistant and ChatSpot.

These tools allow marketers to deliver personalized content by analyzing customer interests and preferences.

Artificial intelligence also helps create content by offering ideas and recommendations and by automating tasks.

HubSpot's artificial intelligence tools enhance the marketing strategy, save time and help organize tasks.

HubSpot AI: Content Assistant and

Content Assistant is designed to create high-quality, engaging content quickly and efficiently.

The main benefits of Content Assistant:

1. High-Quality content

  2. Efficient content creation

  3. Enhanced Search Engine Optimization

  4. A consistent brand voice

  5. Tailored content recommendations

ChatSpot is a conversation-based CRM bot that aims to help sales, marketing, and customer service professionals increase their productivity.

The main benefits of ChatSpot:

  1. Better customer support

  2. User engagement

  3. Cost-effectiveness

  4. Easy integration


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