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Labquality - Quality for quality makers

Starting points and objectives of the project

Liini Agency was tasked with redesigning Labquality's two websites, and Labquality is a specialist in quality in healthcare and health technology, and the services it offers and the Labquality Days event it organises are central to the company's activities.

"When we started looking for a contractor, we did a traditional competitive bidding process between different providers. We are part of a larger group and Mectalent had previously worked with Liini, through which Liini was involved in the competitive scoping process," says Timo Nore, Marketing Manager at Labquality.

The aim of the project was to create a user-friendly and visually appealing website that serves both international and domestic audiences. The sites had to reflect Labquality's expanding international service coverage and the company's focus on quality expertise. In addition, the new website was expected to include intelligent functionality and analytics features that would help to better interpret visitor behaviour and site activity.

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Project implementation

Liini used the Hubspot CMS platform for the project, which allowed both sites to be redesigned in the same easy-to-use content management system. Hubspot offers automatic multilingual support, which allowed the pages to be easily created in all the languages required.

Hubspot CMS also has the advantage of integrating the website, marketing tools and CRM. This meant that all of the company's key digital channels are now in one place, making them much more efficient to manage and maintain.

"The project went very well, I have been involved from the beginning and still am. Our old website was managed by many different parties, so there were a lot of surprises. However, we were able to fix and clean up these small problems and start building the site from scratch," comments Timo.

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Project results and benefits

The website renewal project achieved its objectives. The redesigned website has a striking and user-friendly visual identity that serves a global audience. The websites reflect Labquality's expanding international service coverage and the company's expertise in quality. During the project, the company's digital brand book was updated with refreshed visual elements to improve brand consistency and recognisability.

The implementation of the Hubspot CMS platform brought many benefits. It brought together the website, marketing tools and CRM, making the management and maintenance of the company's digital channels much more efficient. The synergies are reflected not only in efficiency but also in cost savings.

Multilingual support made it easier to create websites in all the languages required. This makes Labquality's services more accessible and contributes to the company's internationalisation. Today, Labquality's website is internationally com-posted, namely and

"The website was designed to be functional and good-looking, and we have received a lot of positive feedback from customers and our own team. Visitor numbers have increased and the simplification of the site has made it more user-friendly and accessible," says Timo.

In summary, the project has provided Labquality with a modern, functional website and an efficient and coherent digital working environment for effective marketing and sales. The joint design project, Liini's expertise and the benefits of the Hubspot CMS platform enabled the project to succeed and support Labquality's goals for the future. The collaboration will continue with the building of a CRM and later with marketing automation.

"I can openly recommend Liini as a partner. It went very smoothly and Sitely is service and solution oriented. Our wishes were listened to and a solution was developed that served our needs."

Timo Nore / Labquality


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